Children and teens aren’t the only ones who benefit from orthodontic treatment. Even for adults, orthodontic work can radically transform smiles and improve self-esteem. Plus, crooked teeth not only impact your physical appearance, but they can also contribute to gum recession, bone loss, tooth decay and irregular destruction of tooth enamel and surfaces.

With modern techniques and appliances, we can now greatly alleviate discomfort, reduce the frequency of office visits, shorten treatment time and even provide you with a variety of orthodontic options. We offer braces — both traditional metal braces and cosmetic Clarity braces — as well as Invisalign clear aligners.

If you’re interested in adult orthodontics, call us to schedule a consultation. Dr. Fretty will evaluate the current state of your oral health, discuss your goals and present you with what we think are your best options. Once you decide how you’d like us to proceed, we will outline your treatment plan, estimate how long the entire process will take, and provide you with an approximate cost.


We invite you to surf our smile gallery to see the great results that have been achieved at Fretty Orthodontics.